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The City with Blistering History

Whenever the tourism industry of Germany is discussed, Stuttgart is the first name that comes in the mind as the city is famous for a host of things, most notably for serving as the focal point of the country’s automotive industry and a center of Swabian culture. The long list of trade fairs along with the mouthwatering Swabian cuisine has made Stuttgart a top pick for people looking for a vacation or a business trip. Apart from serving as the capital of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart’s marketing slogan which is “Everything under One Roof” speaks volumes of the city’s high level of attraction which offers everyone an amazing opportunity for entertainment due to its exciting diversity.  While all the German cities have something special to offer, the Swabian city beats them all as it has the extraordinary and beautiful Escort Stuttgart.  The German city is a place that everyone loves to explore but if you have the companionship of a beautiful lady then your trip will become memorable. People visiting for the first time don’t have any idea where to go in Stuttgart and that is why we bring you Top 5 Places in Stuttgart to be at with your GFE Escort.  These places will help you understand the value of the city and why it is considered as one of the best cities in Europe. Without further ado, let us discover the best places in the city which will be an entertaining spot to visit with your girlfriend for the night.

Top 5 Places in Stuttgart to be at with your GFE Escort

Mercedes-Benz Museum

There is no better place to start exploring Stuttgart than the renowned Mercedes-Benz Museum. The reason why this famous curved metallic structure is considered as one of the Top 5 Places in Stuttgart to be at with your GFE Escort is that it takes you on an amazing journey that brings forward important details from the birth of automobile till the current era. The structure has a double helix design which allows the visitors two audio-guided tours that run parallel to each other. One tour describes the history of the brand while the other tour describes the innovation of the company. With more than 160 vehicles on display, this is the place to be with your romantic date if you are an automobile enthusiast. 

Kunstmuseum Stuttgart

The modern landmark is a piece of art as it is a reflective glass cube during the day while the limestone walls behind the glass glow in the night. The historic museum was constructed in 1924 and features German and Swiss art from the past two centuries. The museum is home to the work of the realist and early modernist Adolf Hölzel along with the art of renowned artist Dieter Roth. However, the highlight of the museum is the portrait of Anita Berber, the German dancer, made in 1925 by Otto Dix.


One of the most frequently visited shopping streets of Germany, Königstraße holds great importance in the history of Stuttgart which can be seen by the number of visitors as the street is visited by more than 12,000 people per hour. The elegant shops and restaurants along with relaxation areas invite you to spend a good time with your escort model. 


Built-in 1914, Markthalle has become an important part of Stuttgart’s citizens routine as the central market hall of the city consists of a variety of stalls offering exotic food and special treats. The bustling atmosphere and the scent of freshly prepared cuisine will tempt you to explore the entire market with your escort lady while both of you treat your taste buds.

Stuttgart Christmas Market

There are many Christmas markets in Germany but no one comes close to the Christmas market held in Stuttgart. The chance to be a part of one of the oldest Christmas traditions of Europe is the reason why the market ranks as one of the Top 5 Places in Stuttgart to be at with your GFE Escort. The market is in the center of Stuttgart at Schloßplatz and it starts on the last Thursday of November annually. The streets are crowded with a huge number of stalls as every stall has a unique thing to offer. Apart from this, numerous concerts are held at the Renaissance Courtyard of the Old Palace while the center of the city serves as a winter paradise due to its fairytale theme and skating rink along with the miniature railway.





















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