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What is Food Fetish and Why Do People Enjoy it?

There are a lot of fetishes in the world and food play is one of them. Food fetish can be described as when a man is aroused by scenarios which include food. For example, certain food items such as bananas, sausages and cucumbers are known to cause sexual arousals. These items have a penis-like shape which allows them to act as a substitute to the body part or even sex toys. Some people enjoy the texture of the food when it is melted. There is no doubt that for many, food in bedroom is quite an exciting prospect. It is a fantasy that is becoming popular day by day due to its pleasure and the ability to present something new to the participants to spice up their sex life. Everything depends on how you want to use the food items and which one do you want to use. Food play has allowed many people to get creative when it comes to their sex lives which has led to some interesting and exciting evenings. The beautiful city of Stuttgart is nothing less than special and many people have regarded it as the perfect blend between traditional and modern cuisine. The city, which is the capital of Baden-Württemberg state, is known for its love of food as you will find many restaurants offering classic and modern cuisine in the beautiful city. Apart from offering amazing cuisine, the city is also home to the elegant and beautiful Escort Stuttgart that are known to provide their patrons beautiful moments as they are willing to go beyond the limits. This makes them the best partners to fulfill your food fetishes in Stuttgart and have the time of your life. If you are still wondering what you can do, we bring you a list of Five food fetishes you can fulfill in Stuttgart that will help you plan a perfect evening with your beautiful escort model that includes food along with sexual pleasure.

Five food fetishes you can fulfill in Stuttgart


There are little or no doubts in the fact that strawberry are one of the first food that pops in the mind of a person who wants to involve food in his sexual encounters. Not only are they sweet and delicious, but they have the ability to make your partner look cute when they consume it. Their involvement in a passionate encounter will not make anyone uncomfortable unlike few food items that can gross out your partner especially if it is their first time with food. They can also be paired with other food items effortlessly which makes them the jack of all food trades.


Everyone in the world has eaten chocolate and there are some people that use chocolate as their addiction. With such a strong fan base, it was impossible to not include chocolate in the list of Five food fetishes you can fulfill in Stuttgart. Whether you want to make use of it in solid form or you want to melt it and make things messy, chocolate is a food fetish that never goes out of fashion especially in the capital of Baden-Württemberg.

Whipped Cream

Although it does not last more than twenty minutes, whipped cream is a food item which is used quite commonly during sex as it can be applied anywhere on your partner’s body as you lick it clean. It is usually used during foreplay which can set the tone for a romantic evening with the finest escort model of Stuttgart.


For many, Champagne is a sex-wine as it is, along with vodka, one of the few drinks that everyone loves to pour on the naked body of their partners. It is going to be an exciting affair to use champagne during a love making session in a city which is full of vineyards. Besides, who doesn’t love to be drunk while having sex. 


Another fruit that makes the list, cherries are often considered romantic as it has become a symbol of the vaginal membrane and, for some, the top of a penis. The sweet and sour fruit is one of the best food fetishes to try in Stuttgart especially the Morello cherries which were traditionally cultivated in Germany.





















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